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Whole house water filters, otherwise known as Point-of-Entry (POE) systems are designed to filter the water in your entire home by treating every drop of water as it enters.

Our new QC-WH-C100/GAC high efficiency ion exchange and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) whole house system will provide two levels of Treatment. First, it will produce soft water at every tap in the house. Second, remove chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odors from your water.

Hardness is usually caused by calcium and/or magnesium and the ion exchange process of the softener media will remove it. Chlorine is added to the water by the city treatment plants to kill bacteria and viruses. The GAC media will remove the chlorine by absorbing it as it enters your house.

List of Features & Benefits
  • Creates Crystal Clear, soft and chlorine free Water!
  • Provides Excellent Grooming & Cosmetic Benefits!
  • Keeps Glassware & Silverware Sparkling!
  • Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner!
  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters - Icemakers - Dishwashers -
    Coffeemakers - Plumbing Fixtures!
  • Significantly Reduces Soap & Cleaning Product Consumption!
  • Household Cleaning & Maintenance is Reduced!
  • Reduces Water Heating Costs!
  • Reduces Existing Scale Buildup!
  • Can be used on City or Well Water (well water may contain up to 2 ppm of ferrous or ferric iron)
  • System has been designed for the utmost efficiency in water usage during system regeneration
  • Large Brine Tank Capacity (360 lbs.)
  • Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House!


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