Common Water Quality Problems > Lead


Lead is one of the most dangerous pollutants found in drinking water.

It is dangerous not only because of its effects, but because of the widespread nature of its distribution.
Healthcare researches estimate that as many as 20% of North Americans are exposed to dangerously high levels of lead in their drinking water.

Lead is responsible for kidney, brain, and central nervous systems disorders.
In adults it can cause miscarriages, multiple sclerosis, impotence, numerous nervous system disorders and even death.

For infants consuming even small amounts of lead can lead to irreversible brain damage, intellectual, emotional, and developmental problems.

Lead leaches into drinking water in a variety of ways. Many older communities have lead supply lines to homes. Over 90% of North American homes have lead in their plumbing in some form, either as lead service pipes, lead-soldered pipe connections, or lead in the brass alloys of which faucets, well pumps and other plumbing parts are made.




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